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Edge of Tomorrow – Movie Review | Trang cung cấp những bộ phim hay nhất.


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Edge of Tomorrow – Movie Review

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31 thoughts on “Edge of Tomorrow – Movie Review – Trang xem phim miễn phí

  1. Ernesto D. says:

    I really appreciated how badass Emily Blunt is in this film, how respected she is, and how the character is presented. It did not feel heavy-handed at all. Disney could learn a thing or two from this.

  2. Ernesto D. says:

    idk how i've gone through life without watching this film. It is incredible!! and now i'm seeing all of these reviews saying basically that. It's an action/SciFi masterpiece.

  3. Joey Jerry says:

    Score: 9/10
    Grade: A

    Tom Cruise
    Emily Blunt
    Action Sequences
    Alien Design

    A lot of the action felt same-ish (still great action) – wish it was more creative
    Ending felt rushed and out of nowhere (how did Cage survive and why did he end up where he was)
    A bit too much close ups in some of the action

  4. Exan Highlander says:

    Was surprised to know that this was based on a anime/manga "
    All You Need Is Kill". Great job to the staff and writers for making this great movie.

  5. PhoenixofPrometheus says:

    One thing holding this movie back is the title. They really should have went with the title: “Live. Die. Repeat.” It’s a far more unique, catchy, and memorable name than Edge of Tomorrow. Needless to say I think this movie is very underrated.

  6. Danna says:

    Pretty cool this was adapted from a Japanese light novel and manga, All You Need is Kill. There is hope for live adaptations of Japanese manga and hopefully anime!

  7. christopher martin says:

    …SPOILER ALERT………if she doesnt have the power anymore, how is she dying and coming back???….did i miss something???

  8. icy31 says:

    I think i've seen this movie at least 20 times..It's on Netflix and i think i watch it every few months or so because it is that good…I love it so much..

  9. Jason Webb says:

    Chris I don't know if you will read this or not, but I'm going out on a limb and going to write it anyway.

    I ran across your channel not so long ago and there was a movie that I didn't know if I wanted to watch it or not. So I watched your review and I had to say, you were spot on how I felt. Which is kinda crazy if you think about it. I bought Edge of Tomorrow when it first came out on dvd and I can't find it. So I am renting it to watch it tonight. But I was wondering how and what you thought about this movie. I loved this movie 100% and I just had to see what you said. My wife asked me if you were my brother. Lmao. I did have a brother named Chris and he passed away on Christmas Eve in 2016. But enough on that. You definitely nailed this movie for all that I loved about it. Not going to lie, I had just watch Tom in Oblivion and that one was ok and I'll probably even watch it again one day. But it has NOTHING on this movie here…… Anyway, I will definitely be watching you man and take it easy. ✌️

  10. Rocinante 2309 says:

    Maybe the only problematic issue was that Cage (Cruise) developed feelings and respect for Rita (Blunt) because he relived and watched her die hundreds if not thousands of encounters with her. From Rita's pov, she only met Cage for the first time each and every time Cage was reset. Even in the last reset where they finally triumphed, she only met him for the first time earlier that day. She would have absolutely no foundation of having the same connection with Cage as opposed to his well developed connection with her through all his resets.

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